Picture1950s Anthropomorphic Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers by RubyMeows at Etsy.com
RubyMeows was our second place winner in our Etsy treasury contest! You can view her winning treasury here.

Tell me a little about yourself....
"I grew up in the Wisconsin woods making dirt sandwiches, climbing trees and occasionally running dolls over with my bike. I was ecstatic to find an old junkyard in these woods and spent many days digging up old glass bottles and parts of Model T's. I've kept digging all these years and even though I've tried to ban myself from rummage sales and thrift stores, it's too much of an addiction."

How do you choose your products?
"I LOVE vintage trinkets, old books and records. I also enjoy saving old record album covers and children's books and upcycling them into "new to you" blank books. "

How did you get started selling on Etsy?
"Unfortunately, my house, which is really just a small fort, has become overrun and I'm starting to resemble a hoarder. Gasp! I thought starting an Etsy store would be a great way to clear out my stash and so Ruby Meow's was born. Sometimes it's hard to part with the silly little things I love but opening the store has been so fun. "

What is your inspiration?
"Having other people love the things I do, and paying me for them to boot, is awesome. I don't mind clearing out my treasure-trove a little bit when my things are going somewhere to be enjoyed....which is really all I'd like to accomplish with Ruby Meow's, to spread some joy! And well, not being a hoarder is nice as well."

You can check out more of RubyMeow's products in her fantastic Etsy shop here.

Vintage kids record album blank book by RubyMeows at Etsy.com
I just recently got the news that I am a hired full-time art teacher! I am quite excited (and a little nervous) and I can't believe I got this job so quickly. Not so long ago, when people asked what major I was and I told them "Art Ed" they practically laughed in my face. You have no idea how many "Oh, well good luck with that" or "Have fun trying to find a job" phrases I heard. Very rarely did anyone say, "Hey that's great! Good for you." and now I can sincerely thank those people that offered such encouragement. It was a long five years in college and I already miss some of it. But I am ready to go out into the real world and see how I fair!

Even though I am pretty much broke until my teaching contract begins, I have already been searching Etsy for those perfect vintage clothing pieces for the art teacher I am. I could raid my own vintage inventory, but I'd rather show off other Etsy finds from other vintage sellers! I've seen so much emerald green and goldenrod on the fashion runways, that I figured I'd choose these two as my Fall 2013 colors. So here we are...a collection from an art teacher's closet in goldenrod and emerald...
Introducing a new product in my shop-- This honey in a bottle necklace was made specially by me using a small glass jar and cork. The cork has been glued securely with epoxy resin.  Contains pure and local golden honey, local bee pollen granules, and three citrine gemstones. Wear this magick pendant around your neck, stow it away in your purse as a talisman, or keep it in a special place in your home. Use this as a prosperity necklace or talisman to bring you good fortune and success. This necklace can also aid in job success and achieving the job you desire.

Citrine- Promotes prosperity and success. Increases willpower.
Bee pollen- Wards off negative influences. Attracts opportunities.
Honey- A symbol of hard work and cooperation. Increases prosperity and improves work relations.

Check it out here
PictureStatement Necklace by RadArta
It's that time of year again. The smell of bonfires fills the air. You can hear kids laughing and riding their bikes down the street past 9pm. The air smells sweeter and the birds wake you up with their songs. It is summer in Minnesota. FINALLY. After what seems like a Game of Thrones winter, the temperature is steady above 70 degrees. Woohoo!

In honor of this great occasion, I have chosen to showcase a selection of Etsy products especially for summertime. Comment and enjoy!

Now announcing a brand new contest for all you treasury-hounds! Check out the great prizes below provided by Bonfire Vintage.

1st Prize- $50 giftcard to Bonfire Vintage and a feature about you and your Etsy shop on my blog.
2nd Prize- A feature about you and your Etsy shop on my blog.
3rd Prize- Free link to your shop on my links page.

What do you have to do?
Create an Etsy treasury featuring at least one item from our shop. You can include any other vintage items, handmade items, and supplies. We're looking for originality & creativity! The best curated treasury wins. Deadline: June 30th, 2013

For more information on how to enter, go to our contest page for details.


Picture1920s print from Minneapolis Tribune featuring Earl Christy's work
Hello lovelies!

About a month ago I went on a lovely weekend birthday vacation to a cabin way up north on Lake Superior. Many friends came along (not even minding the still five feet of snow on the ground due to the ignorant and rude winter of Minnesota). On our drive back from this great occasion, my sister and I stopped at this old barn antique store. As so often happens, I find several things I'd love to own, but find reasons to forgo such purchases such as lack of room, lack of space, lack of a place to put it, etc. However, on this day, I found something that truly spoke to me. I found a lovely 1920s print from the Minneapolis Tribune featuring work by Earl Christy. It had a 50% sticker attached to it with a sale price of $12. I fell in love, bought it as a birthday gift for myself, had it matted, and framed. 

I have recently moved into a world war II era house and have been in desparate want for something to do besides unpacking. Seriously...my house is currently a small cityscape of piled boxes and black trash bags that sends my mind reeling. My cats like it though.

Anyways, I decided I'd look for some 1920s/1930s inspiration for decorating my new home on Etsy...and boy did I find it! Check out some of these lovely decor pieces from Etsy sellers all over.

My 1930s Home Etsy Treasury


You will find new and delicious 1960s/70s gowns in the shop today! Check out these fantastic black satin vintage gown by designer Jonathan Logan! 

Jonathan Logan designed and manufactured a long line of young women's dresses-- usually classic and dressy. The company was founded in 1944 and ended in 1974.

A fan of Mad Men? Can you not picture Megan or Joan in this sizzling hot dress? I can. And it rocks. Pair this gorgeous 1960s black dress with a large flower brooch or pair of satin stilettos. You won't be sorry.


"Bob Dylan put it perfectly in 1964 with the release of his record "The Times Are A-Changin'"-- the 1960s was a time of great change that was reflected in the lifestyles, fashions, movies, music, and people of the time. Even in our present day, we find remnants and inspiration drawn from the decade we called the Sixties. We wear skinny jeans in ode to Audrey Hepburn and we don leather moccasins that any attendee of Woodstock would applaud. From long gold owl necklaces, to tribal printed shirts with "bubble" sleeves, whether we realize it or not, the 1960s has had a lasting impression on our current decade."
As some of you know, I'm a 1960s girl at heart. I don't need rockabilly style or poodle skirts-- I need some die hard 1960s glamour! The 60s was a time of diversity in fashion. It was all about breaking tradition and moving forward. Hair saw all lengths from the Vidal Sassoon bob to the teased flowing locks of Jane Fonda.

The 1960s was the era of the mini skirt, pillbox hat, shift dress, and swing coats. Footwear brought on the go-go boot and patent leather or vinyl materials. The late 1960s was the age of the androgynous hippie fashion-- frayed bellbottoms, tie-dye, headbands, and peace signs. So here are some 1960s pieces (both vintage and handmade) that make my heart swoon.

Turquoise & Gold Chain Necklace
Black Fringe Beaded Mini Dress
Yellow Mod Pillbox Hat
Caramel Vinyl Go-Go Boots
Handmade Leather Skinny Jeans
"We wear skinny jeans in ode to Audrey Hepburn . . ."
Vintage Jeweled Mod Sunglasses
Handmade boho floral top
Teal & Mink Swing Coat
This week's Get the Look featurette takes a look at geometric prints and shift style dresses. Shift dresses gained popularity in the 1960s due to celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy donning the mod look. Noted for the comfort and ability to be dressed up or down, shift dresses are making a comeback.

Tips: Pair with some sweater tights and riding boots for an overtly chic look!
Printed silk mini dress
Chevron Dress in Orange and Brown Size Large
 The shift dress is always associated with timeless style and sophistication. A shift dress was even worn by First Lady Michelle Obama in the family’s first official portrait in the White House. The look was also popularized by first lady Jackie O. in the 1960s-- paired with a pillbox hat, pearls, and gloves.


You found your amazing, timeless, vintage shift dress....and now what? How do you wear it and more importantly, WHAT do you wear it with? Check out these colorful and mod accessories that are bound to turn heads.
1960s Vintage Leather Boots by adVintagous
Silk poncho in cinnamon by SpunkVintage
Vintage orange and purple pagoda umbrella by SmartSquirrel
Twiggy wearing a bright orange shift dress.
Olive Jade and Snow Stone Ribbon Bracelet by LaDesirade
1950s Olive Gloves by QsVintage
Welcome to this week's seller showcase and it's ALL about Halloween. As many of you regular readers know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. There is something about splurging on a one-of-a-kind costume and eating endless amounts of candy. And watching horror movies is another thing I enjoy-- not the slasher, orange blood type movies but the genuinely "jump-out-of-your-seat" sort of flicks. As is typical of me, I am having a Halloween party this year. But this year I got smart...my party is being held Nov. 3rd. Why? To grab all the Halloween clearance. Yeah, told you I got smart. Who cares if it's November when I can get Halloween napkins for 75% off! BUT in the meantime, I'm shopping for Halloween party must-haves before they are all gone and you will find a large selection of all things Halloween below.

13 Terrifying Halloween Decorations . . .

Trick or Treat banner $14
Set of 4 Halloween pillows $9
Two orange owls $14
Witches Spell Book $6
Zombie shower curtain $49
Vintage medicine bottle collection $39
Gothic bug man prop $49.99
Handstamped "Poison" Spoon $10
Set of 3 Black Wooden candlesticks $18
Yellow ceramic skull with red light $20
Coffin coffee table $400
Faux black wolf head $120
Zombie Gnome $50

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