Okay, okay....so I'm a tad late on the "Vintage Wardrobe" friday feature. Please forgive me. I'm still in the process of having photos taken, but the two photos above are only a couple weeks old, so they'll do. I figured the red, white and blue (well, teal) would be appropriate for the upcoming 4th of July holiday!

What did I wear?
  • 1960s floral skinny scarf in magenta, lavender and teal. Perfect used as a headscarf/headband! From a garage sale. $4
  • 1960s handmade Teal blue wool wiggle dress with elastic at the waist for that "fitted" look and small blue buttons up the front. From a thrift store. $10
  • 1960s brown alligator skin clutch with gold turn clasp from South America. From an antique store. $4
  • Maybelline Color Sensational lip stain in "Cranberry Crush". From Target. $3.80

In the second picture...same dress with....
  • Red, white and blue 1950s geometric silk scarf. From a garage sale. $3
  • Vintage-inspired sashed floppy hat with red scarf tie from Forever21. $14.80
"Nuclear Unicorns" Lamps by ARTificialLights
I recently met a lovely woman from France named Lavinia who runs a wonderful website called Head to Toe Fashion Art. She hunts for and collects one-of-a-kind fashion prints from the years 1870-1940 and then sells different-sized repro prints to the public. She also has a wealth of online information on fashion designers and fashion houses from bygone eras. 

An etsy seller named Elly started her online store called ARTificialLights and sells quite the menagerie of upcycled vintage lamps and lighting. She rewires and revamps these lamps (tehe, that rhymed...) so they look practically brand new. She also handcovers or handpaints many of the lightshades-- too cool! 

Husband and wife team Sherry and G.R. are one cool couple. They create "wood with a story" pieces on their etsy site RealWoodWorks1 that are better seen than described. Their pieces range from side tables to benches, all cut from wood that had already fallen. Not only that, but they kiln-dry and wax their wooden art by hand to maintain the beauty of the natural wood.

From vintage prints, upcycled lights, to reclaimed wooden works of art, there is so much vintage and handmade love to spread around! Check out a new seller showcase every Wednesday here at the Bonfire Vintage blog.

Realwoodworks1 focuses on handmade reclaimed wood pieces
Knotty pine stump table $180 by RealWoodWorks1 on Etsy.com
If you are from Minnesota, then you have probably heard of the Glensheen Mansion! Located in Duluth, MN, this historic estate was built in 1905 with a mix of Arts & Crafts, Victorian and Art Nouveau styles. The entire estate contains period furniture, decor and art that has remained in the house for over a century. The 22-acre estate overlooks the beautiful Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. It contains 39 rooms, electricity, carriage house, gardener's cottage and even a greenhouse where produce could be grown for the family meals.

The University of Minnesota Duluth now owns the estate, but the original builder was a lawyer and capitalist from New York named Chester Congdon. Upon Chester's death, his youngest daughter named Elisabeth Congdon inherited the estate. She never married, but did adopt a young girl whom she named Marjorie Congdon.

Marjorie was said to have a host of psychiatric issues and was thought to have aided in the murder of her mother in 1977. Aside from this tragedy, the mansion is open for events, weddings and tours focusing on the lifestyle of the times and the beautiful worksmanship of the house. To this day, the gardens and interior of the mansion are maintained in period style. 

Tickets to tour the mansion cost $15 for the standard tour and $26 for the extended tour. The extended tour includes an extra half hour and you are shown the third floor (where the murder of Elisabeth Congdon occured) and the attic. 

To view more information and purchase advanced tickets, go to the UMN Glensheen Mansion website.

mad men party advertisement
I have recently decided to host a Mad Men party set for a weekend in July. I had been thinking about it for some time and after a friend urged me to hold one, I finally decided to do it! Though our 750 sq ft apartment is not the most ideal location for such an event, I have figured out some the details in advance.

Some possible activities include:

Possible appetizers and snacks:
  • Cheese and crackers (yes, I went there...)
  • Celery stuffed with veggie dip
  • Hawaiian punch with fruit chunks
  • Cocktail shrimp with cocktail sauce
  • Chicks in a blanket
  • Lamb kabobs with red pepper

I've decided to encourage dressing like your favorite Mad Men character, though for people who aren't necessarily into watching Mad Men, I've encouraged 1960s attire (perfect shameless selling tactic for my business, right?)

My boyfriend and I have already discussed the types of liquor we'll have displayed-- I'm on the hunt for some vintage decanters like the ones shown in Mad Men. I have also decided to begin purchasing 60s barware in which guests can keep their glass as a party favor.

1960s Mad Men Drinks:
  • Bloody Marys
  • Retro Highball
  • Old-Fashioned
  • Classic Martinis
  • Manhattans
  • Tom Collins
  • Mai Tai

I will definitely be taking photos of guests and posting them as soon as the party is finished! I will also be adding more party details as the time goes on.

Have any Mad Men party ideas? Share them with a comment below!

old fashioned drink
Christina Hendricks as 'Joan' from Mad Men
If you are like me, then you like fashion. I am, by no means, a fashion guru. But I could spend hours pouring over Vogue magazines, cutting out pictures of shoes and dresses I like, and finding inspiration from designers all over the world.

The only thing that is hard, is the fact that I'm not a rich woman who could easily afford that $4000 gucci dress. I assume most of you lovelies have run into this same problem-- inspiring, to-die-for fashion but no mula. Hey, a girls got to pay rent, right? I have decided to start a weekly post each Monday called "Get the Look" taking designer fashions and giving you an affordable and attractive vintage alternative. 

Like   This?

Brocade cotton and silk-blend dress

Try    this    instead . . .

Vintage yellow silk 60s gown size M

1940s vintage shoe by arpad
Okay, I'd probably kill for those delicious late 1930s glass shoes to the right. Who came up with that brilliant clear glass heel?
Steven Arpad who designed this shoe as a prototype design. His use of buttons up the front is a definite sign of the Victorian fashion revival of the times.

Check out the awesome 1930s shoe design collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Please feel free to comment on which ones you like best!

Oh the timeless look of a black heel. But not just any heel, an embellished heel! Toe embellishments were all the rage in the first half of the 20th century...and they're back. Alexander McQueen's latest design of the skull embellished super high heel is gorgeous--a thousand dollars of gorgeous. But as an alternative to this rock and romance look, we have a mid-size high heel in black velvety polka dots by designer Andrew Geller. These babies are embellished with folded and tacked big black bows. And at only $68, you really can't get a better vintage black embellished heel.

Like   This?


Skull-embellished suede pumps

Try   This!


Bow-embellished mint 1960s heels size 5 narrow

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