If you are from Minnesota, then you have probably heard of the Glensheen Mansion! Located in Duluth, MN, this historic estate was built in 1905 with a mix of Arts & Crafts, Victorian and Art Nouveau styles. The entire estate contains period furniture, decor and art that has remained in the house for over a century. The 22-acre estate overlooks the beautiful Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. It contains 39 rooms, electricity, carriage house, gardener's cottage and even a greenhouse where produce could be grown for the family meals.

The University of Minnesota Duluth now owns the estate, but the original builder was a lawyer and capitalist from New York named Chester Congdon. Upon Chester's death, his youngest daughter named Elisabeth Congdon inherited the estate. She never married, but did adopt a young girl whom she named Marjorie Congdon.

Marjorie was said to have a host of psychiatric issues and was thought to have aided in the murder of her mother in 1977. Aside from this tragedy, the mansion is open for events, weddings and tours focusing on the lifestyle of the times and the beautiful worksmanship of the house. To this day, the gardens and interior of the mansion are maintained in period style. 

Tickets to tour the mansion cost $15 for the standard tour and $26 for the extended tour. The extended tour includes an extra half hour and you are shown the third floor (where the murder of Elisabeth Congdon occured) and the attic. 

To view more information and purchase advanced tickets, go to the UMN Glensheen Mansion website.

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