Okay, okay....so I'm a tad late on the "Vintage Wardrobe" friday feature. Please forgive me. I'm still in the process of having photos taken, but the two photos above are only a couple weeks old, so they'll do. I figured the red, white and blue (well, teal) would be appropriate for the upcoming 4th of July holiday!

What did I wear?
  • 1960s floral skinny scarf in magenta, lavender and teal. Perfect used as a headscarf/headband! From a garage sale. $4
  • 1960s handmade Teal blue wool wiggle dress with elastic at the waist for that "fitted" look and small blue buttons up the front. From a thrift store. $10
  • 1960s brown alligator skin clutch with gold turn clasp from South America. From an antique store. $4
  • Maybelline Color Sensational lip stain in "Cranberry Crush". From Target. $3.80

In the second picture...same dress with....
  • Red, white and blue 1950s geometric silk scarf. From a garage sale. $3
  • Vintage-inspired sashed floppy hat with red scarf tie from Forever21. $14.80
You know, there is something really funny about me. I have NEVER been to a vintage sale/show. Not once. NEVER. Can you believe that? Sometimes I can't. But that is all about to change because just in time, the Twin Cities Vintage clothing, jewelry and textile show is coming to town on June 1st-2nd!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to find any profitable deals, but it's worth checking out! Admission is $7 on Friday with $1 off if you dress in vintage (not hard for me...) PLUS this could be another market I could sneak into...it seems like so much fun! I know if all you vintage hounds came saw my studio/giant-pile-and-racks-of-vintage-clothing-and-accessories I would never get you to leave. Just sayin' :)

Anyways, this show is quite the big deal-- celebrity fashion designers, costumers and theatre productions all show up to find the vintage look they (or their clients) have been craving. I shall have to report back with photos and info on the experience-- maybe you'll see some of my finds in the store... who knows?

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