Introducing a new product in my shop-- This honey in a bottle necklace was made specially by me using a small glass jar and cork. The cork has been glued securely with epoxy resin.  Contains pure and local golden honey, local bee pollen granules, and three citrine gemstones. Wear this magick pendant around your neck, stow it away in your purse as a talisman, or keep it in a special place in your home. Use this as a prosperity necklace or talisman to bring you good fortune and success. This necklace can also aid in job success and achieving the job you desire.

Citrine- Promotes prosperity and success. Increases willpower.
Bee pollen- Wards off negative influences. Attracts opportunities.
Honey- A symbol of hard work and cooperation. Increases prosperity and improves work relations.

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PictureStatement Necklace by RadArta
It's that time of year again. The smell of bonfires fills the air. You can hear kids laughing and riding their bikes down the street past 9pm. The air smells sweeter and the birds wake you up with their songs. It is summer in Minnesota. FINALLY. After what seems like a Game of Thrones winter, the temperature is steady above 70 degrees. Woohoo!

In honor of this great occasion, I have chosen to showcase a selection of Etsy products especially for summertime. Comment and enjoy!

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