You know, there is something really funny about me. I have NEVER been to a vintage sale/show. Not once. NEVER. Can you believe that? Sometimes I can't. But that is all about to change because just in time, the Twin Cities Vintage clothing, jewelry and textile show is coming to town on June 1st-2nd!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to find any profitable deals, but it's worth checking out! Admission is $7 on Friday with $1 off if you dress in vintage (not hard for me...) PLUS this could be another market I could sneak into...it seems like so much fun! I know if all you vintage hounds came saw my studio/giant-pile-and-racks-of-vintage-clothing-and-accessories I would never get you to leave. Just sayin' :)

Anyways, this show is quite the big deal-- celebrity fashion designers, costumers and theatre productions all show up to find the vintage look they (or their clients) have been craving. I shall have to report back with photos and info on the experience-- maybe you'll see some of my finds in the store... who knows?

5/30/2012 09:24:38 am

You know something, you're not alone either. Vintage shows are considerably less common here in Canada (especially outside of the big metropolitan areas), so I've never had the chance to attend one either. How awesome that you'll soon be heading to your first one. For $7.00, even if it doesn't yield many good scores for you, the entertainment value and fun alone are well worth that price.

Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my vintage outfit post this week, I really appreciate it. I have very sparse eyebrows (which end at about the midway point - no joke), so drawing them in is pretty much a must (lest I get asked - as I did in my younger years - "why don't you have eyebrows?"). I follow what little bit of natural brow is there and then fill in the sparse areas and draw the second half pretty much completely. I've gotten mixed responses over the years to my brows, so it's always a real ego boosting compliment when someone says something positive about them.

♥ Jessica

9/20/2012 03:20:22 pm

Interesting read.


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