Picture1920s print from Minneapolis Tribune featuring Earl Christy's work
Hello lovelies!

About a month ago I went on a lovely weekend birthday vacation to a cabin way up north on Lake Superior. Many friends came along (not even minding the still five feet of snow on the ground due to the ignorant and rude winter of Minnesota). On our drive back from this great occasion, my sister and I stopped at this old barn antique store. As so often happens, I find several things I'd love to own, but find reasons to forgo such purchases such as lack of room, lack of space, lack of a place to put it, etc. However, on this day, I found something that truly spoke to me. I found a lovely 1920s print from the Minneapolis Tribune featuring work by Earl Christy. It had a 50% sticker attached to it with a sale price of $12. I fell in love, bought it as a birthday gift for myself, had it matted, and framed. 

I have recently moved into a world war II era house and have been in desparate want for something to do besides unpacking. Seriously...my house is currently a small cityscape of piled boxes and black trash bags that sends my mind reeling. My cats like it though.

Anyways, I decided I'd look for some 1920s/1930s inspiration for decorating my new home on Etsy...and boy did I find it! Check out some of these lovely decor pieces from Etsy sellers all over.

My 1930s Home Etsy Treasury

10/29/2013 03:08:48 pm

Your blog was so simple, I went ahead and created one too, thank you.


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