I just recently got the news that I am a hired full-time art teacher! I am quite excited (and a little nervous) and I can't believe I got this job so quickly. Not so long ago, when people asked what major I was and I told them "Art Ed" they practically laughed in my face. You have no idea how many "Oh, well good luck with that" or "Have fun trying to find a job" phrases I heard. Very rarely did anyone say, "Hey that's great! Good for you." and now I can sincerely thank those people that offered such encouragement. It was a long five years in college and I already miss some of it. But I am ready to go out into the real world and see how I fair!

Even though I am pretty much broke until my teaching contract begins, I have already been searching Etsy for those perfect vintage clothing pieces for the art teacher I am. I could raid my own vintage inventory, but I'd rather show off other Etsy finds from other vintage sellers! I've seen so much emerald green and goldenrod on the fashion runways, that I figured I'd choose these two as my Fall 2013 colors. So here we are...a collection from an art teacher's closet in goldenrod and emerald...


07/19/2013 9:15pm

I feel honored to be included in this beautiful treasury. Thank you for including my gold lariat necklace!

07/20/2013 7:50am

Wow, I love this treasury collection as well as your post, Bailey! I think art teachers are fascinating people and I always really looked forward to art in school. You will do a great job and don't pay any attention to the naysayers. :o) Thanks so much for including my dress!

Best Wishes,
Jess @ Jeezum Crow Vintage

07/22/2013 9:33am

Congrats, Bailey! And thank you for including my skirt suit in such a lovely treasury collection.


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