Picture1950s Anthropomorphic Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers by RubyMeows at Etsy.com
RubyMeows was our second place winner in our Etsy treasury contest! You can view her winning treasury here.

Tell me a little about yourself....
"I grew up in the Wisconsin woods making dirt sandwiches, climbing trees and occasionally running dolls over with my bike. I was ecstatic to find an old junkyard in these woods and spent many days digging up old glass bottles and parts of Model T's. I've kept digging all these years and even though I've tried to ban myself from rummage sales and thrift stores, it's too much of an addiction."

How do you choose your products?
"I LOVE vintage trinkets, old books and records. I also enjoy saving old record album covers and children's books and upcycling them into "new to you" blank books. "

How did you get started selling on Etsy?
"Unfortunately, my house, which is really just a small fort, has become overrun and I'm starting to resemble a hoarder. Gasp! I thought starting an Etsy store would be a great way to clear out my stash and so Ruby Meow's was born. Sometimes it's hard to part with the silly little things I love but opening the store has been so fun. "

What is your inspiration?
"Having other people love the things I do, and paying me for them to boot, is awesome. I don't mind clearing out my treasure-trove a little bit when my things are going somewhere to be enjoyed....which is really all I'd like to accomplish with Ruby Meow's, to spread some joy! And well, not being a hoarder is nice as well."

You can check out more of RubyMeow's products in her fantastic Etsy shop here.

Vintage kids record album blank book by RubyMeows at Etsy.com
7/20/2013 12:26:57 pm

I love this shop! I'm so happy to see it featured.


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