Winter in Minnesota tends to begin in November (although snow has fallen much earlier!). Temperatures begin to dip into the 40s and upper 30s. The skies turn a light gray and the sun begins to go down closer to 4:30pm versus 9:30pm during the summer. My car lacks traction control, so digging at my tires with a neon kid's shovel is a regular occurrence. Plus, the blower motor I thought I fixed in my car is now no longer working-- no heat in an ice box of a wilderness...oh joy.

Okay, so winter is kind of depressing for me. I don't mind the snow--I just wish it wasn't so long & cold!

But one thing I do love about winter are the warm fabulous coats! I love a cozy well-broke-in wool coat and especially those with a princess cut (longer and flared out slightly at the bottom). Like the snow gray color of the Lanvin taffeta trench to the left? Try the even deliciously warmer vintage 60s wool coat by Pebble Beach to the right. You'll save over $3500. Plus it's good for the enviroment--- reuse & reveit

Like  This ?

Embellished taffeta trench coat

Try  This . . .

Vintage 1960s Snow Gray Wool Coat

A few weekends ago, I went garage salin' with my mom. It was like old times-- digging through boxes, commenting on old hippie things from the 60s and 70s. I found quite a few vintage clothing pieces which I feel are harder and harder to find since vintage fashion has hugely come back in style. At one sale, I happened upon a 1960s dress suit for $3 (what a steal!). As I walked up to the lady, I noticed a jagged pointy-looking piece of hardware. I uncovered it from beneath some rubbish and realized it was an old mid century modern clock (like the one pictured above)....with a tag marked FREE! The lady's husband commented that it was mine if I could get it to work. That was just the challenge I needed.

I took the dress suit & clock home with me...but then I realized something: I've never fixed or rebuilt a clock in my life! So I did some research and found just what I needed. Only this DIY clock is made using recycled plastic flatware. That's right--courtesy of Samuel Bernier at, for just around $15, you could build this clock tonight. 

  • 6 cleaned forks
  • 6 cleaned soup spoons
  • Polystyrene sheet less than 5 mm of thickness
  • A clock mechanism (you can find these at walmart or your local hardware store for around $7)
  • Gorilla or Super glue 
  • Spray paint


1. Clean your forks & spoons.
2. Trace a circle onto the polystyrene (you could simply trace around the mouth of a large drinking glass). Samuel recommends a diameter of 12 cm. Use a cutter or scissors to cut the circle out.
3. Make a 1/4" hole in the center of the circle (you may have to use a drill for this).
4. Grab your gorilla or super glue and begin gluing the forks & spoons in alternating pattern around the circle. You may want to use a ruler to measure for even placement. (Don't want your 3 o'clock turning into a 3:30!)
5. Let the glue set and dry. Once dry, you may spray paint the entire clock using an color desired.
6. Install the clock mechanism--follow the directions in the mechanisms' packaging for installing the hands, battery and for setting the time.
7. You may want to add a ring or hook to the back so you can easily hang your clock.
8. And that's it! These clocks would make excellent gifts and they look especially chic in a kitchen or dining room! Plus it is a sustainable/upcycled piece that you can be proud of.

Perusing the Etsy pages recently, I found a drop-dead gorgeous dress from Israel. When I think of Israel, I don't think of fashion, but that got me thinking: How much are we missing when we only pay attention to American & European designer labels? Let's take a look at some beautiful and original fashion designs from lovely Etsy sellers around the world. I've chosen eight beautiful items from fantastic sellers from California, Brazil, Israel, Norway, Toronto, South Africa, New Zealand and Ukraine.


cotton orange maxi skirt
Cotton Orange Maxi Skirt by AlyssaBird $19


deep blue jersey dress
Deep blue jersey dress by Lirola $137


french silk multicolored crop jacket
French silk multicolored jacket by Bruno Ierullo $195

South  Africa

african pin tuck coat
African fusion pin tuck coat by Sulet Burger Prinsloo $115


olive green tunic
Olive Green tunic with side buttons by bohemianbones $33


nuno felt coat with silk in bright pink
Nuno felt coat with silk in bright fuschia by IngerMaaike $319


Blue & black felted scarf with polka dots by Baymut $79

New Zealand

Pink mushroom shift dress by Anoushka Szybowski $95
In my opinion, it's never too early for Halloween. I am a Halloween junkie. It's my favorite holiday of the year. What is more fun than eating tons of candy, carving pumpkins, dressing up as whoever you want to be and best of all, having a Halloween party? 

Halloween is about three months away and as a result, I've compiled together a "vintage-inspired" Halloween party. From decorations to desserts, this blast from the past party is sure to bring lots of spooky fun.
Vintage halloween beer advertisement from the 1940s by FrenchFrouFrou
Mummy cake pops by ACakePop
A great dessert to include in your vintage-inspired Halloween party could be cake pops! There are lots of options for these handy little munchies-- make them into zombies, pumpkins, bats, eyeballs, etc. Buy them online on etsy or make your own.
1930s Black owl oil lamp tin by NostalgicArtifacts
Black, orange & brick ivy tablecloth from the 70s by InspiredSalvage
DIY Make-your-own halloween earrings set of 4 by Laura Fransworth
Orange & Black books for party decor by rivertownvintage
Black upcycled candelabra by StrictlyVintage
Halloween party decorations don't have to be just black and orange. Add some purple, teal or lime green for an extra retro kick! Atmosphere is everything if you're looking to create a "spooky" haunted house feeling. Don't forget the music & sound effects...just make sure to hide the boombox from guests.
Printable halloween stickers for candy by PoshPixels
Full Halloween Apron with lots of glam by 4RetroSisters
The Annual Witch's Ball Distressed Sign by AndtheSignSays
A great activity for your vintage Halloween party might include playing an old-fashioned "Mystery game". These are great ice breaker games for guests who might not know many people and can provide many laughs & memories. Even better-- provide "props" for your guests so they can become more in character (think monocle, feather boa, 1950s hat, lots of jewelry, mens ties, etc.)
1950s Alfred Hitchcock mystery board game by JewelsThings

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