Winter in Minnesota tends to begin in November (although snow has fallen much earlier!). Temperatures begin to dip into the 40s and upper 30s. The skies turn a light gray and the sun begins to go down closer to 4:30pm versus 9:30pm during the summer. My car lacks traction control, so digging at my tires with a neon kid's shovel is a regular occurrence. Plus, the blower motor I thought I fixed in my car is now no longer working-- no heat in an ice box of a wilderness...oh joy.

Okay, so winter is kind of depressing for me. I don't mind the snow--I just wish it wasn't so long & cold!

But one thing I do love about winter are the warm fabulous coats! I love a cozy well-broke-in wool coat and especially those with a princess cut (longer and flared out slightly at the bottom). Like the snow gray color of the Lanvin taffeta trench to the left? Try the even deliciously warmer vintage 60s wool coat by Pebble Beach to the right. You'll save over $3500. Plus it's good for the enviroment--- reuse & reveit

Like  This ?

Embellished taffeta trench coat

Try  This . . .

Vintage 1960s Snow Gray Wool Coat

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