Since my Mad Men party is approaching, I've been searching for little things here and there that will make the perfect "Joan" costume. One thing I knew I needed was a long gold pen necklace.

Joan wears it quite a bit throughout the last few seasons and I knew it would be the perfect final touch. Well, I set off on my quest to find this elusive piece, when lo and behold, I found one right away on Etsy for the steal of a price of $18.99!

HallofFemme is the seller of such customized jewelry, often seen in movies and on TV. I had to order the necklace right away. I received it within the week after paying, and I have to say, it felt like Christmas! The packaging was extremely well done-- a small cardboard box with padding and a felt lining at the top. I could have easily given it as a gift to my designer-loving grandmother. The necklace was surprisingly heavier than I expected-- in a good way. I figured for the price, some of the components might feel a bit cheap. However, I was so pleased to discover that every component of this necklace felt like good old-fashioned quality.

This necklace is full of quality-- from the way the pen smoothly glides open to write something (and yes, you can actually write with it) to the fine quality chain it is attached to. The 35" chain is the perfect length. HallofFemme told me that she can do custom colors as well (which is good news for all you color-loving gals!). I was so happy with my purchase, I think I left like three paragraphs of positive praise in the feedback score. For $18.99, you can't get a better replica of Joan's gold pen necklace.

5/2/2013 10:51:25 am

Hey! I just wanted to know if the gold coloring of the pen fades easily. thanks!

5/11/2014 08:50:10 pm

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