Summer is drawing ever nearer to a close-- I'm back to college classes August 27th. One more year left until I graduate with my Art Education degree! It seems like forever (like when I had braces...) My student teaching begins next semester. I am so excited, and yet quite nervous! The student teaching program is extremely rigorous (as it should be) and takes up a vast amount of time. They even tell you to not have a job during this time...though to avoid living in a box, I will be keeping mine and my Bonfire Vintage store open. :)

On happier notes, my best friend Kim and her husband Eric are having a baby in like...days! Can't wait to meet their new little Noah. I know I'm biased, but that baby is going to be the cutest baby in the world. Just sayin'.

My mom has asked me to help her with a garage sale she's planned for next Saturday. I remember when every summer in my early teens I hosted a garage sale (one time a craft sale!) and was so stoked to make $20 over the three days I sat in the boiling sun. We're looking to make enough money for my younger brothers' back-to-school clothes and supplies (maybe $200 or $300?). Money has been tight for all of us and it is one more step to make some extra spending money.

I feel like I need a vacation. I'm the kind of person that would just love to jump up one morning, toss the cat some food and scurry off to an uncharted destination. My boyfriend is not so spontaneous, but I am hoping we can make a weekend trip somewhere in the next couple of months. We need it!

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