I have recently been overstocking on quite a bit of vintage clothing & home decor items in the event that I started moving to my own domain-- well here she is!
    I am still hosting over half of my retail products on Etsy.com, but my own online shop allows for flexibility in pricing & more options when it comes to proper shipping costs. Vintage clothing is becoming even more popular...and with that, I am also adding a mens vintage clothing section soon. One of my friends asked me why I had so many "Mad Men inspired dresses" but no suits? I had no answer. I had forgotten the suits.
    So here is to a new start and new site! I am very excited to get Bonfire Vintage up and running and help customers fall in love with the vintage finds of Bonfire Vintage.

Is there a way to search blogs on Weebly?

10/14/2013 10:21:57 am

Great blog, enjoyed browsing through the site


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