Monitaly Mens Rider's Coat $450
So a friend of mine recently posted a photo of a man wearing the jacket above-- and I fell in love. Even though I'm not a guy, I can still appreciate mens fashion, right? It's part of my job anyways and I don't mind checking out all the cute male models too :)

This Monitaly wool coat has the perfect 70's vintage inspired vibe to it. Large collar, colorful horizontal stripes and even has handwarmer pockets. Seriously, this coat is perfect for Minnesota weather. 

1970s Yellow Plaid Hunting Coat $89
I love the earth tone colors of this jacket and massive pockets! Designed by Ranch Wear, this genuine 70s wool coat will definitely keep your man warm.

Affliction Leather Bomber in Black $476
If you've ever seen any of the motorcycle gang movies from the 50s and 60s, you'll know why I like this jacket.

The leather is pieced together in a very detailed way. The black studs add that hardcore touch, without being overly "punk rock". I think one of my favorite things about this leather bomber are the zippers at the wrists. It's got a retro flare to the sleeve and slim fit that would easily turn any girl's head.

1960s Army Jacket size Medium $42
Okay, so this is my own mens coat-- but I couldn't resist. I just think this coat would look good on any man!

Large breast pockets and finely detailed buttons really add some masculine charm to this piece.

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Thanks to your blog, I'm gonna create one now too, thank you.


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