My best friend finally had her first baby this morning & I can't be more excited for her! We've known each other since 3rd grade and seeing her with her new baby boy Noah is so surreal and beautiful. I can't wait to see her & Noah this weekend! 

In celebration and honor of this momentous occasion, I have created a treasury of unique, classy & adorable baby items and new mom gifts. Enjoy & blessed be all moms!
Little Noah just after he was born August 24th, 2012
8/24/2012 08:12:21 am

Adorable little guy!! All the finds you found for him would be perfect! Thank you for selecting my robot wellies as one of your choices!! Enjoy spoiling him - nothing like being the favorite "auntie"!

Hanna Orr
8/24/2012 09:03:43 am

I am happy you chose the nicest item in my shop. I love it, that's why I chose it to be my banner, Good luck to your friend and to you.I can feel your excitemente. I have close friends since we where children , and we are like sisters today.I'l be hsppy to hear from you from time to time.

8/24/2012 09:33:53 am

Noah is precious! Thank you for featuring my little patchwork owl in your very lovely treasury of items!


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