Okay, so we're back to Halloween. I can't resist. I'm sure a few of you have already thought of your Halloween costume-- or maybe not! But regardless, I realized there are not many tutorials or guides on how to use vintage clothing & accessories to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume. Besides, who really wants to buy a pre-packaged costume? 

Pre -Packaged  Costumes  vs.  Vintage

Pre-Packaged  Cons

  • Priced at least $60 and up.
  • Never looks as good as the model on the packaging.
  • Usually excludes all accessories.
  • Cheaply made material. Usually a nasty "faux" satin that creates major static electricity.
  • Someone could easily have the same costume as you.
  • Creates waste-- most people don't wear the same Halloween costume more than once and this creates excess waste in our land fills.

Vintage  Pros

  • Prices vary, but one can usually create a complete costume for $60 or less.
  • Better able to find a personalized fit.
  • Vintage accessories are often cheaper.
  • Generally better made. Many vintage clothing items were made in the USA from the 1940s-1970s.
  • It's basically impossible to have the same costume as someone else. Your costume can be 100% personalized.
  • Better for the environment--plus many vintage pieces you can wear in your everyday wardrobe or pass them on!
Now that you have been convinced you need a vintage costume, I'm here to tell you that you're in luck. I am showcasing four different vintage pieces from my own shop and showing you how to create your own unique vintage Halloween costume. See more vintage costume pieces in my shop.

Peggy  Olson  Costume

If you are a fan of Mad Men like me, you probably like at least one of three female characters on the show: Joan, Betty or Peggy! Peggy as a character develops dramatically in the later seasons. Dress as her in a classy long-sleeve blouse, pleated skirt and snazzy silk scarf. Add a belt or bracelet as a few finishing touches. How do you create Peggy's simple and classic hair-do?
  • Do not wash your hair for up to 24 hours before styling. You want your hair to have some oil in it to withstand this style. Begin by putting a mousse or thickening spray through your hair. Don't use too much!
  • Flip your head upside down and add a bit of the mousse and thickening spray from your roots to the end of your hair.
  • If you have bangs, separate them at your forehead where you want them.
  • Everything behind the bangs, begin to tease! Not sure how? Take a comb or bristle brush and lift up a section of your hair approx. 3" in width. Now brush backwards. Do this a few times to create a "rats nest". It's okay-- it will look horrible at first! Do this to every section of your hair around your crown.
  • Now brush the hair back, smoothing the hair over the rats nest. This nest is what creates the "bouffant" look and illusion of volume. Finish this with a little hairspray.
  • Curl your bangs just slightly (don't over-do it!) and then spray the ends of your hair with hairspray. Curl the ends of your hair up. You will most likely have to hold the curling iron at the ends of your hair for a bit longer than usual. The hairspray sprayed before curling should help keep the hair-do longer. 
  • You can add a headband if you like for a more finished look!

Army  Soldier  Costume

Does your guy still need a costume? I think most men would love the idea as dressing up as a WWII army soldier. Your basic army soldier costume consists of a green army jacket (pictured right above), a helmet, fake gun (if desired), khaki or green pants and brown combat boots.

Want an even more authentic look? Add some shoe polish or grown charcoal to any places with exposed skin. Add some purple eyes hadow in places to create bruises. Even use red liquid makeup or lipl iner for small "cuts" and "scrapes".

Sultry  Southern  Belle  Costume

Ever wanted to be Scarlett O' Hara from Gone with the Wind? A southern belle costume is always a fun standby. The basis of this costume is a fabulous satin or taffeta ball gown style dress. Be sure to use a crinoline or hoop skirt beneath the skirt of the dress to create that bell-shaped look. Use a wide-brimmed hat to tie in the look. Add red lip-stick and dark shadowed eyes for an even sultrier look.

What other accessories?
  • Consider a parasol (for protecting a southern belle's fair skin).
  • Bows to place in the hair
  • A tight waist belt or sash that ties in the back.
  • A hair snood for an easy hair-do.

Star  Trek  Super  Girl  Uhura

If you like to run on the brink of the final frontier, maybe give Star Trek a try! I always admired the character of Uhura from the original Star Trek series. Short red gogo-style dresses, black tights and tall black boots. Sexy in a treky way!

All you need is a Star Trek communicator pin and you're set!
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