Grey goose vodka pendant light by uniqueglassware $50
Ever wondered how you could cut a glass bottle with a clean edge without power tools? Here is a simple and fairly quick way to do so! Make luminaries, candle holders, drinking glasses, vases, you name it!
  • put on some safety goggles and gloves.
  • wrap a string around a wine bottle four or five times and then tie it.
  • fill a pot or kitchen sink with very cold water.
  • soak the string in acetone (or nail polish remover) and put it around the bottle.
  • light the string and rotate is as shown in the video.
  • quickly put the bottle in the water when the acetone is about to go out.
  • you may need to try again if it doesn't work the first time.
  • use sandpaper or better yet, a dremel tool, to file the edges smooth. this is most important if you are making drinking glasses!

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