Portrait of Coco Chanel
I was recently at the Family Video store with my boyfriend. We were looking for a good movie to watch. As always, I had to scour the racks of "bargain" movies in which consisted of mostly Shark Night, Jonah Hex and something with badly animated talking animals. However, one DVD caught my eye: a lonely copy of Coco Chanel. I won't be writing a review of the movie as I believe everyone has different tastes. However, I will say I did enjoy it (though it was much longer than expected).

The thing that sparked my interest the most was the story of how Chanel began--in the early 20th century right around the era of the 1920s. She was a forerunner in modern womens fashion in a time when the women enjoyed little freedom in the world-- in society and in fashion.

The '20s was a time of great change in the world of womens fashion. After the first world war, women enjoyed a new sense of freedom previously not enjoyed. It was acceptable for the average American woman to enter the workforce and shed the restricting undergarments of the previous generation.

The silhouette of womens dress became straighter and less form fitting. Not only did WWI have an effect on fashions of the 1920s, but the womens rights movement had an effect as well. For the first time in centuries, women were allowed to wear more "boyish" clothing and hemlines that reached to their knees. Short hairstyles also became popular as they were easier to maintain and also created a better sense of equality in the workplace with male counterparts. Have a look at some lovely 1920s fashions courtesy of the lovely Etsy sellers below.

Also, if you're interested in checking out some real movies from the 1920's, here is a selection of well-liked picks:
-Metropolis (1927)
-Nosferatu (1922)
-The Merry Widow (1925)

1920s Black Flapper Dress by FabGabs
1920s Cloche Hat in Black and Beige by PoppycockVintage
1920s Stretch Rhinestone Belt by JBeseda
1920s Black Leather High Heels by VeraVague
1920s Pink Bed Jacket by iandrummondvintage
1920s Silk Floral Evening Gown by posiesforlulu
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