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Okay, this entire package is adorable. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when my “whimsy bag” arrived. But it exceeded my expectations. Even the outer packaging (you know, the stuff that is normally just plain brown cardboard) was teal blue with a personalized to and from address. It even included a quote by Victor Hugo!

Everything inside the package was neatly wrapped in tissue with a personalized sticker. The first thing I pulled out was an awesome handwritten thank-you note with a lucky penny (stamped by the way) attached to the outside. Included inside the thank-you note was also a lovely save 10% coupon for a next purchase. Crystal’s business cards are quite unique and immediately drew my eye. Very professional and inspiring.

Little findings
Business cards & Coupon
The unopened set-- and extra candy!
The Complete Package
And then I found candy—that’s right! An old-fashioned blueberry stick candy that I instantly began munching on while writing this review. Got to love that.

A very nice natural wood pencil was attached to the outside of the blue whimsy bag. This pencil now has pride of place in my pencil box. When I finally got to the actual product I didn’t even want to open it! It was so beautifully tied and so neatly packaged…like a little Christmas present. Plus, don’t let the size of the bag fool you. There were so many cool things, do-dads & watchamacallits inside:

• Ribbons
• Crochet hair scrunchie
• Floral craft accessories
• Buttons
• Black velvet butterflies
• Molded clay piece with a stamped bumblebee
• Vintage stamp from France
• French coin magnet (tres chic!)
• And MORE

By the time I opened the sweet little bag, I was like a little girl in a jewelry store rummaging through each piece like it was a treasure hunt. Separately, these pieces are great, but together, they make a beautiful and cohesive collection. These are ideal for crafters and a great way to engage younger children in the act of imagination & creation. I loved that this kit included premade items as well such as the French coin magnet that I am seriously in love with.

You can tell Crystal puts a lot of time, thought & personality into her packaging and product. I love the fact that you can put all the pieces back in the bag when you are done playing (no junk drawers here!) and keep everything organized. This is just the set of whimsy I’ve needed and just the sort of thing to cheer me up on a rainy day.

As a courteous gesture, Crystal has offered 15% off your entire order from her store! Coupon code: BON15 

Please check out Crystal’s products at the Angelorian Tradition on 

Me geeking out over the French coin magnet
Look at all these fun things!
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