Tan Whiskey Flask by LiquidCourage
My family and I have been planning to go camping together this coming weekend. Six kids (myself included) and my mother are going to drive a little over 6 hours in two cars to Grand Marais, MN which is about 40 minutes from the Canadian border. We've gone to this same location every year for as long as I can remember. The staples of a north shore vacation include: waking up and getting donuts & coffee, sitting on the beach for at least three hours a day, hunting for agates and having lots of campfires. Sitting next to Lake Superior is like visiting any ocean. It's cold (I've heard somewhere around a constant 40 degree water temperature) and I've seen waves that surfers would be psyched to see. I've had good memories camping-- even when it was 32 degrees one year!
In honor of this illustrious adventure, I have decided to create a little showcase of handmade and vintage camping items.

Enjoy lovelies!

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