The Bonfire Vintage online store has officially been open for three months on the dot today! May 10, 2012 we created the shop on Etsy and purchased the domain name here. So far, there have been 23 sales, 38 admirers, 16 likes on facebook and 8 followers on Twitter. Not too bad for a Fresh Etsy shop I should say!

I'm in a very organized mood lately (probably because my apartment is so cluttered!), and since it's the DIY friday blog post, I've decided to incorporate the spirit of doing it yourself with an organizational need.

The  Jar  Shelf

I love the simple and oh-so-cute look to this DIY jar shelf. The shelf above is shown to hold spices, but you could hold beads, buttons, feathers, charms, do-dads, fabric scraps and more...the perfect craft or studio room organization for all your teeny tiny treasures.

  • One shelf with hanging hardware $10
  • Screws $3
  • Six mason jars with lids $6
  • Awl $3
  • Hammer $5
  • Epoxy glue $4
  • Pencil

TOTAL project cost=$31

  1. You can easily build your own shelf with a simple handsaw, some scrap wood, a level and some paint. Screw the shelf together and don't forget to add hanging hardware! Otherwise you can always use a regular old shelf from around the house or find one at a local thrift store for cheap.
  2. Turn the shelf upside down and set up your lids along the underside of the shelf. Mark with pencil or an awl where each center of the lid should be placed on the shelf.
  3. Using an awl, punch a small hole in the center of each lid. Add a second screw or epoxy glue to the lid and secure to the underside of the shelf.
  4. Once the glue is dry or the lids are secure, fill your jars with the supplies and screw the jar onto the lid!

  • Instead of mason jars, you can save baby food jars or regular glass food jars. Make sure to clean them well and remove the labels. This is a fun idea if you want an eclectic mix of jars.
  • If you use a lot of jars or put heavy items into them, make sure to use drywall screws to secure the shelf onto a stud. Nothing would be more horrible if your lovely creation & supplies crashed to the ground!

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