Vintage phone ipod dock by Woodguy32
Woodguy32 is a truly original craftsmen. I actually stumbled across his art on the front page of Etsy one day and couldn't resist clicking! Not only does he make handmade unique iphone and ipod docks, he also creates really cool computer accessories like steampunk monitors and keyboards. The iphone dock to the right was made with a vintage phone and crafted base--did I mention the phone can also be hooked up as a landline and works??

His unique craftsmanship and design is something I was really drawn to. Why would I go out and buy a regular piece of junk ipod dock when I could get a beautiful work of practical art from someone local? He also creates wood body hot rod cars. You can check them out at http://www.woodieworks.net/.

Resin Wall Elephant by mahzerandvee.
Another etsy seller I recently stumbled upon was mahzerandvee. They make absolutely gorgeous and detailed realistic resin sculptures-- often of animals such as elephants and deer. They are another husband-wife team with four kids who truly have followed their passions.

Their colorful home accessories and decor remind me of an episode of Color Splash on HGTV. You can tell they put a lot of time in the craftsmanship and painting of these very unique pieces. Did I mention they are also quite affordable? At around $130, the elephant head to the right could yours. It's the sort of wall hanging that everyone will be talking about....the perfect conversation piece.

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