"Nuclear Unicorns" Lamps by ARTificialLights
I recently met a lovely woman from France named Lavinia who runs a wonderful website called Head to Toe Fashion Art. She hunts for and collects one-of-a-kind fashion prints from the years 1870-1940 and then sells different-sized repro prints to the public. She also has a wealth of online information on fashion designers and fashion houses from bygone eras. 

An etsy seller named Elly started her online store called ARTificialLights and sells quite the menagerie of upcycled vintage lamps and lighting. She rewires and revamps these lamps (tehe, that rhymed...) so they look practically brand new. She also handcovers or handpaints many of the lightshades-- too cool! 

Husband and wife team Sherry and G.R. are one cool couple. They create "wood with a story" pieces on their etsy site RealWoodWorks1 that are better seen than described. Their pieces range from side tables to benches, all cut from wood that had already fallen. Not only that, but they kiln-dry and wax their wooden art by hand to maintain the beauty of the natural wood.

From vintage prints, upcycled lights, to reclaimed wooden works of art, there is so much vintage and handmade love to spread around! Check out a new seller showcase every Wednesday here at the Bonfire Vintage blog.

Realwoodworks1 focuses on handmade reclaimed wood pieces
Knotty pine stump table $180 by RealWoodWorks1 on Etsy.com

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